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Let's Start a List: Chaparral and Uberti Production Problems

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john boy:
Let's Start a List:
Was your Chaparral or Uberti '76 Winchester slick as a whistle - Out of the Box ... or was there problems with it? 

If you had (have) problems with your rifle, what did you do to correct it or what do you intend to do to resolve it?

In the poll, you can vote up to 9 of the options - if you experienced all 9 listed.  If you encountered a problem that is not listed, please vote for Option 9 and explain what it was in the thread

Major 2:
OK... I might have done you dirt ....

I voted slick as a whistle... But it was a Henry,  in fact I have two , one Steel Frame & one Brass Frame both were flawless in operation out of the boxes.. though the Brass Frame was LNIB to me ,as it was owned & traded for a Uberti 76 by the pervious owner.
The Steel frame was Brand new in the box... just this past June 07...

Update: July 22, 2008
I've had the Steel frame a year now..and it is still problem free..
I shot it more than the brass frame beause the Butt plate is somewhat more confortable than the sharper Brass Mil. Frame's Cresent butt.
However, both are on target with Black Dawg factory rounds.

I'd also like to point out these are my 2nd and 3rd Uberti Henry's , I had a Allen Arms Uberti with a [AH] 1981 date
I never should have sold... It is still in the same friends hands and he shoots again me and a some faster too ! >:( (only sometimes though ) :P

Update Jan. 19, 2015
I was reading a new post up on page 6 and recalled this post from 7 years ago ...
Time has indeed marched on and several changes have happened   ...

1. The above Allen Arms Uberti I sold ...I bought back,  the old friend retired from shooting and the 44/40 Henry is back in my safe.
2. I received an Henry Repeating Arms H011 Henry in 44/40 in Nov. 2013  for the purpose of Gun Test Article.
    The gun remains in my Battery

So that's  4 Henry's   # 1 is back were it started and ....All have performed flawlessly , with minor exception of the follower spring
one # 1 which was kinked , back when I owned it the first time around.... That was more hang up on Horse back and branch
which swiveled the Muzzle open ...not really a gun flaw... only part ever replaced.  

The rear sight on mine was a piece of crap...ladder wouldn't lay flat and it took an effort to slide the sight up and down.
They sent me another one...about on par with the first one.
Ended up putting an old Marbles sight on it that I had here at the house.
May leave it on there...just a hunting rifle and I'll never shoot it much past 100 yards anyway.
Besides...it's kinda grown on me now.


I have the Uberti 1876 in 45-75 from Taylor's. Delivered new. Here goes: two cut dents on the wrist, round ding the size of a button on the left side of the buttstock, The metal to wood fit is horrible, wood is wavy, wood on left side of wrist at the tang there's a jagged gap about 1/8" wide. Could've sent it back, they were willing to look at it and pay the shipping, I just didn't think I'd get one to my satisfaction, seen many Uberti rifles and lately they're poorly finished. However being a gunsmith I've decided to make a nice little project out of it, recolor case reciever, and restock, Oh, and also there's a ding on the corner of the barrel flats, again I'll probably draw file the barrel over again since the flats are too rounded over for my liking.
I've read somewhere that the 76 was probably the best finished rifles of all the Winchesters, and that's just what this one is going to be. Too bad it wasn't like that from the factory.
Just to be fair, the action seems to be just fine, haven't shot it yet so I'll reserve judgement on it's function.

Grizzly Adams:
My Cimarron 1876 is in 45-60.  Fit and finish is top drawer, and it was slick right out of the box.  :)


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