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This is how I will remember Texas Tall

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Dakota Dan from OZ:

Thanks for sharing them with us.

Dakota  :'(

Judge Lead:
Always a warm smile, warm handshake and encouraging comments. A few ribald jokes now and then, but that was TT.

I am still trying to figure out how he used to fit into those darned midgets he used to race ??? ???.

Querida Kate:
Yea - motorsports.  One of his other passions.  Watching the Indy this weekend won't be the same.  :'(

Don always figured the bumps & bruises he came home with after these races were the only reason Judith didn't add a few more to his noggin for good measure.

And how many men do you know that could wear PINK at those Saturday night races with such grace & flair!   ;D

I'll miss the stories almost as much as I'll miss the man.  What a life he lead.  And what life he added to mine.


Mean Mongrel Matt:
These are some of mine of TT at Buffalo Camp last year ...

Still cant believe it . :'( :'(

Levi Nitehawk:

Here are a couple of picture TT gave me on a CD, when I went to his house for Supper, after the BP shoot last November.



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