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Marshal Halloway:

Look up
for locations, websites and further information.

Sheriff A.E. Moses:
Nice Map Marshall!!!!

Mustang Gregg:
Good map, Sir!
We have been to 2 of them sites so far. 
We hope to hit 2 more in 2005!
Mustang & Calamity


do you have any info about the club in Hutch?

I am new to the website but the whole thing has got me intrigued. I didnt have any idea there was one that close to me. I am in Great Bend.



Pvt Hoover:
Howdy Hairless,
  The Sandhill Regulators shoot at the Central Kansas gun club on the 3rd Saturday of every month.  The next is scheduled for April 16.  This is their 3rd season of shooting and they are going to host a two day shoot on memorial weekend. The gunclub has a website,, and it has contact information and directions to the range  there.  The number of shooters there average 20-30 a match and they generally do six scenarios and a side match or two. SASS rules apply and they are affiliated.  Even if you are short an iron or two show up and somebody will help you out. Hope can come out and bang and clang  with us.
Pvt. James Hoover


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