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Free Hand:
For a Christmas present for an amigo of mine, I sure would like to get ahold of the coat, or a patten of one,like the one with the navy collar (?) that Clint wore as Josey Wales. Is it just a matter of adding the "flap" in the back, or would there be more to it? 

St. George:
Look at a Dixie Gun Works catalog for patterns.

I seem to remember it as a Cavalry Greatcoat, and both sides wore pretty much the same style.

If you're going to produce one - there 'is' more to it - but such things can be bought through the various Civil War reenactor dealers.

Scouts Out!

Free Hand:
St George
Thanks for the feedback amigo, but I wondering if we're refering to the same jacket. The one that I'm talking about was about waist length, and had three quarter length sleeves. Could this have been a cut down version of the one to which you refered?


BTW your alias wouldn't have any conection to the city of the same name in Utah, would it?


St. George:
No idea.

I saw that movie and the movie poster when it was first released and my recollection is of that particular photo, nothing more.

It was common for the Irregular to use those articles of clothing that they'd come across, and any sort of greatcoat was valued as a prime source of comfort and warmth, as it doubled as a blanket.

It 'could' have been cut-down - but clothing made for mounted men was generally saddle-length, so you need a much better view of his outfit.

Nonetheless - you'll find good patterns available from Dixie.

As to Utah - no - not at all.


Scouts Out!

I would be interested to find out if anyone found out anything on this coat!
I personally have NEVER seen one like it anywhere other than this movie (Josey Wales). It's NOT a classic Cavalry "Roundabout" nor is it much like one of the Historical "Great-Coats" either. Something about this coat screams Bush-Guerilla, which is,I think, exactly what it was meant to do...
I think it's important to note that Josey was a part of a Confederate Guerilla Group...this may seem obvious to some but not to all and it also lead me on some interesting searches where this Jacket is concerned.
Throughout the movie different characters refer to the confederate Guerilla's or Josey inparticuler as "BushWhacker(s)".
Also, in the rain sequence near the beginning of the movie Josey's Jacket looks like it's shedding water like an Oil Cloth.

So...I've been doing random searches for "BushWhacker Coat", "Confederate Oil-Cloth Coat", etc...
As of yet I have found NO exact matches to his jacket but some with certain characteristics of it.


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