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STORM / Re: New Acquisitions - The Open Top Sickness continues....
« Last post by Tuolumne Lawman on Yesterday at 07:35:52 PM »
Well, the planets aligned.  I get my second 1872 Open top (The 5 1/2" one with faux ivory) out of Commiefornia 10 day jail on Saturday.  I got my 7.5" one with Army grip and wood grips last month.  I will have both my Open Tops to be my main match pair at the 4 day annual High Sierra Shoot Out at Railroad flat in two weeks. My 1860 Kirst Saber River will be back up, as will my 1851 Kirst .38 Colt.  Of course my Henry Mfg. 1860 Henry in .44-40 will be my rifle of choice.
STORM / Re: Uberti '51 Navy .38 problem
« Last post by Black River Smith on Yesterday at 07:29:06 PM »
Sorry, but I think my question is a fair and honest one.  You do not read a report on a Mercedes and then go and buy a Ford - Focus and say they are not operating the same??????  Why did he not just go to the dealer and say I want the Uberti 1851 Richard Mason Conversion as listed in the article?   Simple enough question.

The 1872 Open Top cylinder collar or ring was identified as having binding issues when I bought mine in 2001, even though the designs in originals were meant to fix things.  The 1851 Designed arbor with deep enough grease grooves and grease will operate nicely.

So Coffinmaker, what was your fix for getting your 1872 Open Top to run a full match without Ballistol after every stage?  He could use that info in-addition to, the arbor fix, since he has an 1872 Open Top, also.  The OP is having issue with 'smokeless' in his OT.  That is odd.  That goes past the arbor fix.

PS -- I have a 44Spec Cim Richards 2nd Model or Transition Model that fires 44 Spec 'smokeless' just fine absolutely no issues.
Colt Firearms / Re: So I am guessing this is a good deal....
« Last post by Tuolumne Lawman on Yesterday at 07:27:55 PM »
LOL. I guess 4 3/4".  LOL ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I have never paid this much for a pistol before!
The Darksider's Den / Re: RWS 1075s
« Last post by Drydock on Yesterday at 07:03:07 PM »
UPS dropped off 1000 caps on my Porch this morning.  Around 10 days from order to delivery.  Worked fine on both italian and Slixshot cones.  Fed thru my Ted Cash Cappers fine.  I'm good for a while now.
The Leather Shop / Re: 1877 Colt Thunderer Holster
« Last post by Oldgold on Yesterday at 06:59:26 PM »
 Nice combo!
Colt Firearms / Re: So I am guessing this is a good deal....
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 06:22:17 PM »
Sounds good to me!  What caliber?  And it's a Colt, so it's 4 3/4" not 4 5/8" (  :D )

Sounds like the '78 vintage 44 Spcl I bought 20 years ago with no box but looking unfired.  I paid $900 back then.  $1200 for an SAA in excellent shape sounds pretty awesome these days! 

 I think the grips are still some kind of rubber but not gutta percha any more.
STORM / Re: Uberti '51 Navy .38 problem
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Yesterday at 05:54:13 PM »

 :)  Black River   ;)

Let us not be too hasty here.  Yes the Richards/Mason is slightly different than the Open Top.  Both are built on the 1851 Basic Frame.  Barrel attachment is only slightly different.  Very Slightly.  The Uberti R/M Barrel assembly will swap right over to an Open Top.

How rapidly any two Open Top pattern guns foul out with BP is strictly a result of the individual set up.  As with Original Colt sample examples, Uberti as well, no two are exactly alike.  AS IN:  I shoot a pair of Uberti 1851 R/M 38Spl that, with minor attention, will run an entire match.  I have a pair of Open Tops that include 38Spl, 44 Colt and 45 Schofield, all run on the same frames.  With minimal attention, they will run an entire match.  I have a pair of 1851 Percussion guns, when running R&D conversion cylinders, will not run a full stage (yet) they also will not run a full stage without fouling the percussion cylinder (yet).  And last but not least, a Pair of Capt. Schaeffer replicas, with R&D cylinders and percussion cylinders, that run a full match with either with no problems.

And, let us not forget, often, those folks who are new to the game, become confused with the nomenclature attached to certain offerings.  So let us not beat him up too bad.  Not his fault.

People can be Hazardous to Yer Health
STORM / Re: Uberti '51 Navy .38 problem
« Last post by Black River Smith on Yesterday at 05:31:16 PM »
Dave Fox,

I guess I have a really silly question for you.  If you read a great report about the Uberti 1851 Richards Mason Conversion revolver (I did go and read the report before posting this) why or what prompted you to go buy a totally different Uberti model revolver, the 1872 Open Top?  You do realize that they are two totally different forms/patterns/designs of a Colt open topped revolver.  Please note the term designed differently.

I don't deny that all / most, Uberti / others, Colt percussions and conversions, with a framed mounted arbor, will have length issues as mentioned.  But still, why buy a totally different designed one after reading a full article about one that prompted you to go buy something?  The cylinder / arbor / barrel joints are totally different between the two models.

Yes, I have both.  The 1851 Navy cylinder in 38Colt will allow more rounds of BP to be fired (5 shots), compared to the 1872 Open Top'd Navy gripped model (mine is 44 Colt /Russian caliber) (2-3 before binding some), that is a given in these revolvers.  Never have shot smokeless in these.

Still just Curious for your decision on model....

PS  Your title and text just do not match and causes confusion.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Loading Data for the 45-60 WCF
« Last post by Mdee on Yesterday at 05:22:27 PM »
Loads from my 45-60 (Uberti 76) using trail boss. Just chrono'd at steel so couldn't really determine the accuracy:
Powder: Trail Boss
Projectile: 350gr RNFP lead
OAL: 2.25
10gr  Av: 964 fps   es: 26 fps sd: 8 fps
11gr  Av: 1025 fps   es: 8 fps sd: 3 fps
12gr  Av: 1085 fps   es: 9 fps sd: 4 fps
13gr  Av: 1108 fps   es: 36 fps sd: 15 fps
14gr  Av: 1121 fps   es: 64 fps sd: 24 fps

these loads are for my rifle , use at your own risk , etc.
The Darksider's Den / Re: How I convert centerfire brass to rimfire
« Last post by ndnchf on Yesterday at 05:22:03 PM »
I've made a few reloadable .56-50 rimfire cases as well as a bunch of 44 long rimfires. The most tedious part of the process is measuring and marking exactly where to drill the pilot hole for the new offset chamber.  I'm using a caliper and magnifier on my glasses to see and mark each one. Inevitably there is still some variation.  I want to make more .56-50,  so this past week I've been trying to think of a better way. Here is what I came up with.

I made a jig that has nub precisely machined to fit in the centerfire primer pocket. The jig OD is the exact same diameter as the case rim - .650". Using the edge, I measured in and marked the spot on the jig where I want the pilot hole. Then a 3/32" hole was carefully drilled through the jig. To use it, the jig's nub is placed in the centerfire primer pocket, then a 3/32" transfer punch is placed in the hole and tapped with a hammer. This puts a dimple at the same spot on every case where the pilot hole needs to be drilled. I made one .56-50 tonight with it and it worked well.  But rather than cut up my precious stash of .50-70 to make more, I just ordered 50 Starline .56-50 cases from TOTW. 

I think this will make the process go easier.
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