Author Topic: What to Feed the new Smiths all started life as .38 S&W the snubbie now .38 spec  (Read 200 times)

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I have some .38 S&W loaded with Matts Bullets 200 grainers to approximate the brit 38/200 round.  I am seriously considering loading cast .359 ish SWC Hollow Points.  I may just feed all 3 guns the 38 S&W loads and not deal with the bulged case for .38 specs shot from a reamed out .38 S&W cylinder on the snub nose.  Have Red Dot A2 A5 HS6 HP38 and some unique.  The Bullets seem to be available in weights 130 -160 grains.

Any of you loading a .38S&W with the SWC HPs?  Is it even a good idea?  If you are what kind of load and what does the Chrony Tell you?
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