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Is my revolver out of time?


I have an ASM 1860 in 38sp.  I took it apart and cleaned it, and reassembled.  It appears to be in time.  But when I try to eject the shells, they catch on the recoil shield-something is off-
I would appreciate any help

Sagebrush Burns:
Often on half cock the chamber does not center perfectly in the opening.  Nothing to worry about, you just hod it on center manually.

My Ubertis and Cimarrons behave the same way. Apparently it is just the nature of the beast.

thanks to all

In complete agreement with the other guys.  At one time I had (I think I mentioned before) 11 ASM conversions.  9 of them were just for parts to keep the others running.  I digress. 

The situation you describe is quite normal for the ASM conversions.  A tiny little nuisance, but quite normal.

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PS:  OOPS.  Forgot the short answer.  NO.



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