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Gunsmith for Richards Type 1??

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I just purchased a Richards Type 1 conversion in 38 sp.  Made by ASM-I know how that brand is viewed but I wanted the Type 1.
I reached out to a fairly well known single action gunsmith who said he will not do work on conversions at all.  He was very polite and apologetic but its not what he does.
Is there a reputable single action gunsmith who works on the conversions and open tops?
with thanks

 :)  Sage

Knee jerk question is:  What do you want done to it ??  Most (all maybe) won’t work on an ASM because of the abysmal quality and the complete lack of parts should one screw up.  While you can use after-market springs (and should) that’s about it for “parts”

ASM based the guns loosely on the Colt 1861 pattern (except for the 1851) which has the effect of making parts doubly hard to find.  The ASM Richards is the most accurate .38 I have ever owned.   A real shame only about one in seven actually works.

Sir- I am finding that is true.  Most 'smiths have said no.  I took mine to the range and except for the hammer screw backing out (needs loctite) the firearm works.  (Although I couldnt hit the broad side of a barn with it)  I was thinking more of smoothing the internals, but perhaps at this point that is overkill

If, in the end I bought a wallhanger, well-its a really attractive one

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Sage,

Have you tried Gary Barnes aka Hoofhearted? He has not worked on a Richards for me, but he handled a Dragoon conversion and worked a miracle on an ASM Schofield for me. I have lost his address, but he or somebody who knows him may generate his contact info. I believe that he specializes in conversions.

Rev. Chase



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