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Shooting a .41 rimfire Remington double derringer

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--- Quote from: Dave T on September 27, 2021, 12:32:19 PM ---ndnchf,

Love all the stuff you do.  Thank you for posting your adventures and keep them coming.


--- End quote ---

Thanks Dave. I appreciate the kind words.

Fun video, how does the Remington compare to shooting the Colt?

They are both a handful. But the Remington's extra weight makes it a little easier to handle.

Interesting gun. I presume it was refinished with a nickel plating.  Does the serial number start with an "L" prefix, and numbers in the 9X,XXX ?  Also, there should be some letters on the side of the locking lug, which would tell the month and year of manufacture. What I have never quite figured out is how one safely packs one of these guns with both barrels loaded. The oscillating firing pin is over the cartridge on one or the other barrels. Half-cock is fine...unless you drop the gun on the hammer spur, in which case the "dog" would probably shear and the gun would fire. Maybe with a piece of leather between the pin and the breech face, that would fall away when the gun is cocked?

The date code on the lug indicates May 1931. Yes, it has the L prefix number. Serial is L995XX.  By modern standards, there really is no way to carry safely fully loaded.



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