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Shooting a .41 rimfire Remington double derringer

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I imagine very few, if any people today have seen an original Remington double derringer shooting original style black powder .41 rimfire shorts. Mine are original style copper rimfire cases that have been reprimed, then loaded with 12.0gr of 3F and an original style bullet. Contrary to what you may read on the internet, it is a formidable cartridge at card table range on a soft target. Check it out  ;D


Curious to know how the cases were re-primed. I, too, would advise to stick with BP. The Navy Arms ammo put out a few years ago were, IMO (after chronographing against some earlier Remington ammo), too hot for use in the Rem O/U Double-Dee's! If the gun used in the demonstration had a "reinforced" hinge, it is a late Fourth Model.  One must carefully check the hinges for cracks, especially on the left hinge, where it is counterbored for the screw head. The "reinforced" hinges are simply NOT undercut. These are the so-called "monobloc" hinges.  The cracks are almost always the result of flipping the barrels back hard when opening them. See "Dr. William H. Elliot's Remington Double Deringer" by Drummond, Johnson, Williams & Barnard. Be interesting to know the stamping on the top of the barrels.  Probably "REMINGTON ARMS - U.M.C.CO.ILION,N.Y."

I agree with staying with black powder. This is not a monoblock, but does have the stronger hinge. There is ongoing debate on model and variation definitions. But I believe this is a 4th model, 2nd variation. But regardless of what collectors may call it, its a late production and a lot of fun to shoot. No cracks in the hinge.

Dave T:

Love all the stuff you do.  Thank you for posting your adventures and keep them coming.




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