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Flat top revolver?


Will Pluggum:
Still learnin the lingo in SAA's and would like to know what is a flat top revolver ....thanks...Pluggum

On this page is a Navy arms flat top. Most were considered target pistols, as I understand.

Will Pluggum:
Got it.  Top is not grooved but flat with adjustable sight mounted to it.  Thanks Klondike

Will Ketchum:
In SASS you would shoot this gun in the Modern class.

 NOCWS doesn't have such a class but since the first flat tops were produced in 1888 they would be legal in what ever class the shooter chose to enter with the exception of Pistoleer which as shot with cap & ball revolvers.

Will Ketchum

Rear sight adjusts for windage, front for elevation, neat idea, but I prefer the standard fixed sights of a SAA.



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