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Will Pluggum:
I've got a line on a Dakota Marshal SAA .357 mag for $250.  It's in like new condition but I suspect it is an older import made by Armi San Marcos.  I already know I would have to change the trigger/hammer springs to make it reliable.  Anybody got any comments on these guns? 

Big Hext Finnigan:
Howdy Will,

Why would you have to change the springs?  The Dakota has been a decent performing pistol for quite a few years.  It has (as I recollect) been the name for the basic pistol offered by EMF.  They do some cost cutting in terms of finish, but the mechanics are generally good. 

My only "advice" is to remember that a gun you pay $250 to buy may only sell for $200 and take a while as well.  Sometimes beginners best served with main street gun choices.


"Older" ASM guns rarely need springs changed to make them reliable, that started when AWA bought into ASM and started using lightened mainsprings to give them that oft touted "Factory Action" job.....problem was the springs were too light for reliable ignition.

I have a pair of ASM's made for EMF that I've had over 10 years and never done anything to them, though I'm thinking of working over the actions and using Wolff springs, just to make them 'feel
' better.

If it's in good shape, and you like it, get it and shoot it at least 200 rounds before you decide it 'needs' anything.  In that amount of shooting you'll be able to identify any probelm areas if they exist.

Will Pluggum:
Howdy fellas...The changing the springs came from a discussion with a owner of an older Dakota.  He said his hammer spring broke twice.  He finally put colt springs in and no more problems.  Said it was a tight, good shooter and was very happy with his.  As for stickin to main stream guns, my war chest is so empty it don't hardly rattle when you shake it.  Im shopping for used bargins but trying to avoid junk or problem pistols.  Later on I can move up.  $250 is managable. ::)
CHEYENNE...your report on your good luck with your ASM Dakota is reassuring.  I will shoot it until it breaks.  Just don't want it to happen midway thru a stage!

Big Hext Finnigan:

If Cheyenne says it, it must be true.  He knows the CAS gun business like the back of his hand.  He's top notch.




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