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Question about shooting glasses

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Will Pluggum:
If you don't have to wear glasses to see, this post isn't for you.  Problem.  I have to wear glasses to focus on the front sight.  If I wear bifocals, I'm tipping my head back when I shoot in order to get the magnifying (lower) part of the lens lined up with the sight.  Same with transition lens.  Very uncomfortable.  If I wear reading glasses I can't see when I'm not shootin, everythings a blur, I don't need glasses past 3 feet.  I keep swapping between reading and regular safety glasses which is annoying and against range rules while firing is going on.  What  works best for you at the range?

Don't know if this helps you or not.

I went to my eye doctor, showed him the distance I needed on the rifle and pistol sights and he set up my no-line bifoocals for that range.  They work GREAT.

The middle of the transition lens is set up for the rifle/pistol sights. The lower is for reading, and the upper for long distance.  I've had no problem since I got them.

I had the doc set my progressives up the same way. Head level front sight in focus.... works like a dream.


Will Pluggum:
Dogwoman and Jim Wild...I didn't know you could have glasses made like that.  Thanks very much, you just handed me the solution to my problem......Pluggum ;D ;D

Bill Mc Call:
Have the same problem Will, you ' ve ask the question, we got both an answer to our needs  ;)



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