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My 66 and the Snakebite


Mason Stillwell:
Well I had a good test of the 66 this weekend. Shot 2 Warm up stages then a 6 stage match. Next day another 6 stage match.
No Cleaning  until Monday. Had a lube star on the end of the barrel. levered just fine.

So I wont change my 38 loads anymore. This combo has proven itself.


Cuts Crooked:
Good deal! 8)

I've used the Snakebite in my Rossi and am VERY pleased with it's performance! I have the Rossi in .357 and an old ASM Open Top in .38 Special. I've found that I can load .38s to near .357 Mag OAL and they will funtion great through the Rossi and chamber fine in the Open Top! (the Rossi will feed standard 38s jist fine though) What I lke about being able to load them a bit longer is that I can eek out just a little bit more powder capacity in the .38 Special cases...more BOOM! ;D

Mason Stillwell:
Cuts the 38 has quite the BOOM when shot with FFG !!!!!!!

I was supprised,pleasently of corse

Mason (what is enjoying this old 66)Stillwell ;D



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