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Paper Chaser:
Marshal, thanks for the special BOLD section, appreciate it and you a lot.

Cuts Crooked:
I'll see that Thanx and raise it! Thanx also to California Lawdawg fer undertaking to herd this bunch! ;D

Stop in and visit the BOLD website too, at :http://www.boldlawdawgs.com/

California Lawdawg:
Thanks Cuts,

glad to see you are up and running again. Come on all you lawdawgs out there. Members or not drop by and get aquainted ;D.  Iffen you have'nt joined yet, got the the BOLD site and sign up.


Evenin' boys,

Thunk I'd drop by so the Rat Squad would be represented.

Ain't no thing.  I done retired.


California Lawdawg:

thanks for stopping by. Come in any time you want. :)




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