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Old percussion caps


Two weeks ago I went to a small near by gun shop, last time I went there was 15 years ago. I called first and ask for Remington #10, she said they had #11 of old stock for $10.00/can and new CCIs #11 for $30.00/can.

I had to go to town for something else then on way home I stopped at a hardware store that sells everything from shotguns to wedding gowns . They had some CCI #10 so I bought two cans. On way home I was thinking they might be to small, so when I got back I tried them on Slix-Shot nipples on my Uberti 1851, they was a no go....

So then I went down to local gun shop and bought their Remington #11, at first glance I see that those cans are something I never seen before but said Remington so I bought 2 cans, then talked for few minute on WHY caps are hard to find, thats another paragraph. So when I got home like I always do, I look and study of what I just bought. They wasn't #11 but #12, they are slightly bigger and taller then the 10 year old Remington #10 and #11 that I still have. They just barely hold on Slix-Shot nipples but they do work, at least most of them do, so far I had 4 that didn't go off. I figure these caps are closer to 40-50 years old, the can dont look like something from the 90s or 2000s..........


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