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Anybody using the old Belding and Mull powder measure  for loading black powder? I bought on some time ago and started using it last fall. Very nifty. I lubed it up with some graphite a couple days ago and now it super smooth.

King Medallion:
Heard about them, never seen one. On my list of things to look for whenever I get to a gun show. I've been using my regular old Lyman 55 I've had since 1978, always served me well.

Lucky R. K.:

If this works here is a picture of the Belding & Mull powder measure.. It does not throw a measured charge. You have to use a calibrated measure to get the charge. What the measurre does do is to supply a constant volume of powder to the measure.
Lucky  ;D

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Many long range shooters use these.  You use a scale to set the measure, then it will throw extremely consistant charges.  I recheck the weight every time I go to a new bottle of powder.  MVA pretty much copied the B&M for their current production measure.  They can be found on EBAY for pretty reasonable prices.  MVA also makes a Micrometer adjustable measure that can be used with these.

 It's a great design, ideal for use with a drop tube in precision loading.

Yep, that's it by golly. Mine came with box , instructions and the adjustable measure. Real slick to use. I use a drop tube after  I fill the measure.
  I actually have two of these. Always prepared! ;D


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