Main Match Revolver and why

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Well, you can only vote once, but I like my Ruger Bisley Vaqueros and my Navy Arms Schofields the same amount.  They feel different, but they both shoot nice, and I have  apair of each.

Ed Clintwood:
I have yet to shoot BUT I come to the sport with 2 Colts, a Ruger Old Army and a Pietta 2nd Model Dragoon.  Looks like I won't have to buy too much but a USFA 5 1/2" is on order as the Colts are both 7 1/2.

Colt.  It's what all the others want to be.  There's a reason for that.  I've got Pietta's, Ubertis, Armi San Marcos, Rugers, and have fondled all the others.  Nothing is quite like a Colt.

2 Rugers (one stainless).

For me, reliability.  I also have an Uberti, but I feel like my Rugers are "tanks" and could stand the wear and tear and little maintanence.

Ruger Old Vqueros, birdshead grips shot 1 in each hand as it should be.
Price was good. The reliability of the Ruger is second to none, As Boss Spearman said in Open Range " I always liked a gun with a little heft to it". I put a couple sets of the Executioner's world famous moose horn grips on them babies and shoot em fast with the Black.

Whew, I've got to be alone now.




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