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Movies that You Would LIKE to See Remade

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Shane was, it was essentially remade as Pale Rider.    I would like to see Rio Bravo and Rio Lobo remade in a more historical accurate way.   

Coal Creek Griff:
Those are some good suggestions! Any other movies that could stand a little updating?  I can think of a number that shouldn't be touched, that are absolute classics, but how about those that are good stories but weren't given the best treatment in their original versions?



--- Quote from: Virgil Lantey on August 05, 2022, 07:56:48 PM ---Not a fan of remakes in general. Not a fan of modern day Hollywood.  8)

--- End quote ---
Who says they have to be made in Hollywood? Some fine westerns came out of Italy.

I'd like to see a couple of movies remade:

The Legend of the Lone Ranger 1981
The Lone Ranger 2013

Nothing that a new cast and extensive script rewrites couldn't fix.  8)

Snidely Whiplash


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