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Virgil Lantey:
I've always admired steel silhouette shooters and even flirted with the idea of trying it myself in the Pistol Caliber Lever Action class. It's an extremely difficult discipline, so difficult, in fact, that I've scrapped any ideas of actually competing, at least for now.
This is the size of the 40 yard steel target. The shooter has 2 min to shoot and knock down  a row of 5 of these targets with 5 shots. The exercise is repeated with progressively larger targets at 50, 75 and 100 yards for a total of 20 shots. All shooting is offhand.
Even with my old, tired eyes, this is something that I will strive for in practice. Not only is it a test of shooting skill, but the ammunition must be capable as well, so reloading quality ammo is a must.
File this under "training" for your next CAS competition.

I have some steel targets about the same size as that one. At 40 yards, I can barely even see them, let alone hit them, unless I use my Ruger PC carbine with a scope.

Virgil Lantey:
I'm right there with ya, Froogal!


 :)  Ha!!  ;)

I once demonstrated I could hit Clay Birds on the 50 yard berm with my 16 Inch Henry Trapper.  Once.  Just Once.  I was also a bunch younger.  Today??  Nah.  I'll pass.

Play Safe Out There

One of my homemade steel targets is a disc blade. About 20 inches or so in diameter, and of course with that small hole in the center. I decided to create a challenge and hung another steel target BEHIND the disc blade with the idea that I could shoot through the hole, totally missing the disc blade, but hitting the target behind.

I amazed myself by actually doing it. ONCE!



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