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Barrel liner?

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Jack Wagon:
Reline by Hoyt.  Jw

Kent Shootwell:
Thanks Jack. How’s it feel when you push a tight patch through it?
Nice Gimmer, who’s work is it?

Jack Wagon:
No tight spots. I shoot it with black and it's the easiest gun I own to clean up. I was told it was put together by John Bergmann out of Tn.  Jw

Tascosa Joe:
That is one awesome Trapdoor.

Kent Shootwell:
I had sent a 1863 Shiloh Sharps for a relining and when it returned 6 months later the bore was rough and had numerous tight spots. Slugging the bore from the muzzle the bullet stopped 6” ahead  of the breech. That’s why I was asking. After talking with him he took full responsibility for the poor work and assured me he’d do a good job if I would return it at his cost.
Today it has come back and the bore is everything I had expected from what has been said about him. On the other hand the chamber bushing is not concentric with the bore and the out side of the barrel has small dings and scratches on it.
Shooting tests to follow.



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