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Barrel liner?

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Mr. Hoyt's work is outstanding.

Kent Shootwell:
Maybe it was, I’m underwhelmed.

Kent Shootwell:
After a close inspection of the barrel I found that the bore has numerous tight spots and at the breech the lead from the chamber to the bore has burrs. More importantly the chamber bushing doesn’t line up to the bore. This would not allow a cartridge to be used. I removed the bushing and found it was bonded to the barrel with JB Weld. The bushing and counter bore that it goes into are miss-matched and tapered. The fit is terrible. I have rebored the counter bore to be inline with the bore and made a new chamber bushing to fit closely then lead lapped the rifling to remove most of the tight spots. This took many hours and some machine skills that the average fellow may not have available to him. Here’s a before photo of the chamber.
The white spots are burrs.
48815BCB-FDB0-4A99-B7A9-9AC4773DA019 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr
The rifle now shoots as this first target at 50 yards shows. 15 shoots then a sight adjustment and three in the X ring.
383D6502-C1B1-43A3-8F7B-FFEC3DAC92E5 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr

What manufacture is your rifle?    Do you get much blow back when firing?  Use of paper cartridges?

Kent Shootwell:
It’s a Shiloh and there’s no noticeable blow back. After 20 or so shots the breech works like the first shot. The work that was done to it has left the chamber short for the standard 60 grain cartridge so I’m breech seating the bullet and loading loose powder. I’ll have to fix that at a future time.



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