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Barrel liner?

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Kent Shootwell:
If you have a barrel that was lined by Hoyt and have a bore scope would you take a photo of the bore for me. I’ve read a lot of praise of his work and would like to see one or more to help me judge his work.

Black River Smith:
Kent, please excuse my ignorance with the following questions but I do not understand the significance of the information you are asking for and just what to understand.  1st - Aren't all liners supplied by supply houses like Brownell/other and then gunsmiths just bore and install what diameters are commonly available?  2nd - If not then I may understand a little better then - if this man makes his own liners - Does he?

If in fact, he makes his own liners at whatever diameter; number of grooves/depths; and twist rate as customers desire, then I fully understand your interest to see the cutting and polishing of his finished product as installed.

Or -- Are there other factors that I would be interested in looking at if having a barrel lined?  Like bends or curves or waves or off-center boring in the final install?

I have heard this man's name mentioned on other forums lately but have not search out to see if he has a website.  People just supplied his phone number to the questioning parties.

As reference, I had one rifle relined back in '93 and I sent it off to someone that was suggest by a friend and it came back great.  But that was a long time ago and I did not know to ask questions?

Thanks for the helpful hints, you could provide.

Kent Shootwell:
B. R. Smith, it’s my understanding that he does all the steps to the customers requirements. Or he can rebore a barrel to a larger calibre with the twist rate requested. He doesn’t have a web site or do Email as best I know. I was hoping to find out something more by seeing his work but have failed to find an example to inspect.

Jack Wagon:
 I bought a trapdoor that the barrel had been shortened and relined by Hoyt. The inside of the barrel looks like a mirror, so it was tough to get a good pic. It is a shooter and I'm glad I bought it. Hope this helps.  Jw

Jack Wagon:
A couple more pics.  Jw



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