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Whilst I don't disagree in totality, I do not find the "Spots" or "Splotchy" complaints sufficient for Poo Pooing APP.  I have found it to be a marvelous propellant for both Percussion and Suppository shooting, and have been shooting the stuff exclusively in my Brass Rifles.  Too much easier to obtain then Black Powder, just as effective as a propellant and when hunting the Wylie and elusive steel targets at seven to ten yards, just how much power does one need??  Not that I intend to be contrarily (of corse I do) but I find bad mouthing something because of the resulting or not resulting "patina" annoying.

Play Safe Out There

Pappy just added a photo to his first post above.  If you haven't seen it, take a look.  Pappy, I answered your message but something weird happened and I don't know if my response went through.  Anyway, I just said that looks like somebody took off the side plates and then polished up the rest.  Never saw anything like that.  Is the left side plate the same way?  Did you get the gun that way or did it tarnish like that while you had it?  Also wondering if maybe the side plate was off the gun for some reason and was laying on something that discolored it?

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Yellow Boy people,

I wonder. If the receiver of these guns is investment cast and the side plates are machined from heavy gauge strip stock, the difference of the manufacturing of the raw metal (rolled strip vs, cast) might account for the difference in patina. I don't know if this is the case, but it make a good conspiracy theory.

Rev. Chase

Well, here's mine.  Last polished maybe 15 years ago?  And hasn't been shot much for the last 10 years.  There is definitely a different alloy from the frame to the side plates.   Never saw one as much difference as Pappy's though.

Baltimore Ed:
Not planning to ever polish my ‘66 musket. Just let it age gracefully like me. Already doesn’t have any hair so it’s on it’s way. Hope it don’t get fat in the middle.



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