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66 Yellowboy

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Pappy Hayes:
Both sides are the same Abilene. If mine looked like yours it wouldn't be a big deal.

This pic came from , it is the opposite of the repros. 


Well, Mine ALL are kinda splotchy all over.  No pattern, no real difference from side plate to receiver.  No even by any means, but I just don't care actually.  It's not even whether or not I do or don't want "patina."  I'm just lazy about the outside appearance of my Brass Rifles.  So long as the function is spot on, it just doesn't matter.  Cowabunga!

Lucky R. K.:

If you are looking for a smooth patina on your brass frame gun do not use APP. The residue leaves little spots all over that do not look anything like a patina. I had to work hard with Brasso to remove the spots. I plan to build up a finish on the gun, but it will be done with real black powder.
Lucky  ;D

Pappy Hayes:
Is there a way to make the bright brass look close to the center plates?



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