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Pappy Hayes:
I have a Cimarron 1866 Yellowboy. Some of the brass is duller then the rest. What is best to use to polish it?

A lot of people use Flitz.  Cimarrons have charcoal blue screws, and Flitz will remove the charcoal blue it it isn't already worn off.  For that reason I used to use Nev-r-Dull when I was polishing up new showguns for Cimarron.  As for my own old '66, I prefer to let it Patina.  Many that I have seen have different amounts of patina on the side plates, so I guess that's normal.


 :)  PLUS ONE for Abilene  ;)

Some Lustrum ago, I flat gave up on polishing my Brass Guns.  Shooting Black Powder and Subs as a steady diet, gives my '66s and Henrys a nice sorta dull "Mustard" kinda colour.  Let us remember though, I'm some lazy and sitting around with a Can, Tube, Bottle, etc., of polish just doesn't thrill me.  Sorta like watching chrome rust inna parking lot.

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Lucky R. K.:

I have been building up patina on my 1860 Henry since I bought it shooting smokeless and real black powder. After reading all the glowing comments about APP I tried it the last time I went to a shoot. It actually made more smoke than the real thing. It was not as powerful as the black and it left little black spots all over the brass. Semichrome polish wouldn't touch the spots. It took Brasso and a bunch of elbow grease to get back down to shiny brass. I will now start again to build up patina using real powders. Any APP I have left will be used for shotgun shells only.

Others may have had better results but I will never buy it again.
Lucky  ;D

Lucky, I had similar results shooting Cleanshot (before it became APP) in my '66.  It left dark spots and streaks, not an even patina. 



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