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2 x Pietta Patersons shot Gunfighter style:

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Cap'n Redneck:
Last weekend I attended the "Blue Mountain Trail" CAS-shoot in Sundsvall, Sweden.
While Saturday left us pretty much soaked, and I played it safe with a brace of Dragoons, Sunday came with only overcast weather and I decided to compete with my two Pietta 1838 Texas Patersons.
Dressed in my best "ca. 1846 Jack Hays"-attire I went at it and, well...let's just say I finished 24th. of 24 overall. 
I did find that my technique of bracing the heel of the gungrip against my hipbone while cocking the hammer helped materially in the effort.  However, despite the Slix-Shot nipples I was plagued with cap-jams at each of the five stages.  The guns clearly need some more tinkering.
But fun was had by both the undersigned and the bewildered crowd...!
A local shooter, "Locksmith", gets credit for the photo.  He also made a video-clip of the entire stage, but it is to large to download onto the CAS-forum.
I might eventually get some computer-assistance and upload it to YouTube...


Cap'n Redneck:

Plenty of smoke! 


 :)  Cap'n  ;)

Way COOL!!  I would probably (no, I am) suggest Cap Rakes for your Pattersons.  I don't know what caps you have access to, but would also probably reduce the Main Springs a bit.

Play Safe Out There



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