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Need help with .36 bullet size


Svyatoslav Kozlov:
Greetings to all forum participants! My name is Svyatoslav Kozlov, I am from Russia, I live in Moscow.
In my country, any short-barreled combat weapon is prohibited by law.
The only exception is for weapons produced before 1888, as they are considered antiques, but at the same time they are very, very expensive.
Nevertheless, I saved up money for 5 years and finally bought a childhood dream - an original 1856 Colt Navy.
My question to you is the following:
I couldn't find blueprints for a .36 caliber bullet anywhere to order a mold from a craftsman.
I ask you to take measurements of your bullets and report the exact size.
Thanks a lot!
Sincerely, Svyatoslav Kozlov.

River City John:

Accurate molds have dimensions listed for various style molds, depending on what weight you want to cast. If you're looking for cap and ball, they can have a different shape than the bullet you are showing.
Or if maybe that is what you are looking for, they do make custom molds to order.
Also try Old West Bullet Molds link above.


Svyatoslav Kozlov:
Thank you very much, the mold will have to be cast in Russia, which is why the drawings are needed, because due to the stupid policy of my state, there are now problems with international mail and prices.
Hello new iron curtain (●'◡'●)

Welcome to the forum!

Svyatoslav Kozlov:
Thank you! You have a lot of interesting things here ;)



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