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cylinder notch peening

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 does anyone know how to fix a cylinder notch thats peening around the edge of the notch and the slope before it?


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Yes I do.  And Maybe not.  It depends on "how bad."  First, however, you have to fix the cause(s).  Fit the bolt.  Then validate the timing.  Then reduce the cost side of the Trigger/Bolt Spring.  Or source up a lighter after-market spring.

you will need a padded vice and nice sharp heavy duty Utility Knife.  Clamp the cylinder in a padded vice and use the Utility Knife to carefully cut away the burr.  As that little bit of blade starts to dull - REVERSE IT or THROW IT AWAY.  Do NOT try to work with a dull blade.  If the peening is really bad, buy a new cylinder.  Then FIT THE BOLT, TIMING, Reduced Spring.

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Photos of how bad the problem is?

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Here's a photo of the peeping.

That looks like the cylinder is salvagable.  I do it similar to Coffinmaker but use a hardened steel deburring tool.  Piettas tend to have bolt heads that are slightly to wide so as previously noted you need to fix the bolt fit and timing so the notch does not start peening again.


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