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started watching the EPIX series Billy the Kid, so far so good, its free too, check it out!

Wife and I have been watching and enjoying it quite a bit. The actor is a bit tall for Billy, but his face is uncanny! Costuming has made the point of having Billy wear a sweater as seen in the one, possibly two authentic photos of Billy. Props even has him getting a "double action" revolver although we don't get a close-up of it as I'd imagine it is an Uberti single action, but at least they allude to it!

A bunch of no name actors who can act! It has been refreshing watching this. Costuming and firearms are quite good. The story? Who knows? Not much is known of Billy's back story but it does touch some interesting themes.

Got a link anyone?

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It is available on Amazon prime with an additional channel subscription.   I think the same subscription will get you That Dirty Black Bag, which looks a little darker.

i was watching on EPIX for free last month and only got to episode 5, then i couldnt watch unless i took out a subscription, i guess i will have to wait until its free again or find it somewhere else...i really liked it though.....Bob


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