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ASM 1873 with no date stamp ??


So i dont know who ASM is.. i was actually led to believe this gun was new and not 2nd hand from the store owner.   But that ok.  I just read that ASM went out of business along time ago and well clearly i have a used gun.

Always wanted a 1873,  but i can never find any besides the 4.5 short barrled versions.   Saw this and while i prefered the 5.5 i got it anyway its the 7.5 barrel.  I have like 7 black powder revolvers now.  Date codes are easy to find..  square stamp with two letters.   Seems all italian guns have this.  Even my Armi sport 1874 sharps quigley.

This one doesnt.  It does have two letters..   PC next to the 3 digits of the serial under the barrel but nothing on the frame.. the only thing on the frame is the SA and 4 digit serial.  Stamped close to the screw on the trigger guard.  With empty space above it.  And no other stamps.  From the ASM 1873s ive seen online.. the proof marks should be there.. but they are not. PC stamp cant be the date code because thatd be like 2040 for the year lol  So maybe that isnt the date code.  The serial is 4 digits as well.  That means its lower in the production chain.  Everyone ive seen online made in the 90s has 5 digits.  So is mine older no idea ?  Also stamped with Hartford Ct model on top of barrel..  this is very frustrating with no date stamps...

Thinking of calling EMF makybe if i give them the serial they can tell me the date it was made

Here are pictures of the gun

Edit:  not sure why but this website wont let me add attachments.. just hangs.. and refreshs the page to a blank slate.. 

Major 2:
Did you look under the grips?

ASM is Armi San Marco


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 :)  Candymancan  ;)

I really like that moniker  :D   Just to cheer you up (maybe), I have NEVER been able to get my photos to upload on CAS City.  I gave up.  I have sent some to "others" who can post.

There is no reason your ASM cannot be "New."  Could well be "New Old Stock" even from a really long time.  Inspect the cylinder face for blast marks.  Additionally, the early ASM reproductions were really fine guns and were/are some of the closest replicas dimensionally.  Take care of it.

Play Safe Out There

Sometimes the date code is on the frame beneath the trigger guard.

Major 2:
Coffenmaker is quite correct, NOS   new old stock does turn up  :)
Its not real common, but NOS is seen in Auto Parts, Motorcycles and other hardware including Firearms sometimes from the 1920s, 30s.

ASM ceased operation about 2002 was given Life support by AWA to about 2003-4,**  it is not outside the relm of possibility a few survivors exist in someone's safe from a closed old LGS or importer.

I just traded some holster handy work for a Zastava Arms M57 as NOS
Zastava Arms still makes the M57A Tokarev today. but my milsurp M57 was made in 1981 and never issued or apparently used before it was imported.

Your ASM is a cool survivor, ** AWA was US importer and took on all old stock, perhaps your gun was assembled in the USA by AWA hence no Italian date code,

I had one (AWA) about 28 years ago in 44/40 wish I still had it.



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