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Tascosa Joe:
A young man came to our local shoot in Clovis last month.  He had a new Engraved Pietta SA.  He fired 2 rounds and it jammed.  The cylinder base pin had moved forward.  Easy fix I thought.  After this happened twice, I checked the base pin, the grooves for the cylinder latch to contact, were only on one side.  I don't know if this is normal or a manufacturing error.  I told him to order a 3rd Gen Colt pin and be done with it.  Time will tell.  Are all Pietta SA's this way.

Major 2:
I've read this before about Pietta, it is by design apparently, not an error  ::)
Your suggestion to replace the Pin is the fix

That base pin design is the one thing I really dislike about Piettas.  The small-frame Ubertis (Model P Jr, Stallion, Lightning) have the same style and I hate it on them as well.  I have one Pietta SAA and I promptly replaced the base pin with an Uberti pin. 

I did the same as Abilene. I put a Uberti pin in my Pietta Frontier. Pietta's pin also looks plain obnoxious.


 :)  HARROUMPF  ;)

Harrumph.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Pietta Cylinder Base Pin.  Other than it's stupid.  Way too long (import safety requirement).  It is deliberately designed to have the latch notch on one side only.  It works, just pay attention when you put it back in.  And for Pete's sake, cut the last 3/32 off the shaft and dress it for a nice smooth fit.  That safety length is dumber than a box of rocks once the gun has been imported.  Once cut and dressed, seat the pin fully and it looks like a Colt pin.

Play Safe Out There



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