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Wow! Mint Rossi Overland cam my way!

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Tuolumne Lawman:
Working part time at the local gunshop has its advantages!  I was at work the other day (actually the acting manager when the owner was gone on vacation) when a guy comes in with a couple guns to sell on consignment.  One was a nondescript bolt gun, and one was a pristine Rossi Overland 12 Ga. hammered double Coach Gun with 20" barrels.

I asked him how much he wanted to net after our 20%, he said "$325".  I bought it on the spot in a Commiefornia Private Party Transfer.  I then turned around and processed it into my name on a DROS through the shop, all in the same day.  Commiefornia has a 10 day jail, but not planning on shooting any matches until after I get it out.

It is identical to the Rossi I used started CAS with in 1994, and used for many years.  I sold that one when I went very inactive in CAS in the mid-2000s, and have been looking for the right one at the right price since I went back very active around 2016.

Anyway, I have, as of late,  been using a nice bobbed 97 and a super clean Ithaca Lefever cut to 18.5".  I promptly turned around and sold the Lefever to a regular customer for $500.  $150 in my pocket and a beauty of a Rossi Overland!  I even have some spare firing pins for the Rossi that I had a machinist friend make up back when I had the first one.

Excellent!  But hey, you know, pictures!  :)

Pictures? Since it's in CA Jail, wouldn't those be Mug Shots?

Major 2:
" ... appraising, that's me part time at the local Gunshop has its advantages,"  ???

well, YES and no it can be detriment to your wallet too....

YOU Sir, are a card-carrying Gun a holic , take's one to recognize one  ::)


 :)  PLUS ONE for Abilene   ;)

Mug Shots are Due Rigger around these parts !!

Play Safe Out There



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