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Trapdoor front sight


Okay folks, need some ideas and advice. Picked up a 1875 Trapdoor this week in 45-70. I am pretty sure it was a "Bannerman" cut job as it started as a rifle and had been cut down to carbine configuration. At any rate, the front sight is a simple shotgun bead, so I need to replace it. I want to use it in long rage shooting. Now Dixie Gunworks has a replacement sight that would look correct, but since it has already been bobbed, I was thinking maybe to try to find a barrel band similar to the ones on a Mauser for it. Ideas and input welcome.

      Greetings, DKC!

   I also have a Bannerman's / Sears / M'Ward Springfield; mine is an 1866 Allin .50-70, cut to 24", and was provided with a rather blocky barley-corn front sight that was dovetailed onto the barrel. It looks very period appropriate.
   I would also consider having a stud brazed to the barrel, preferably one that was dovetailed at the top to admit a small, drift-adjustable blade, to eliminate the need of hold-off.

              Good Luck! Photos!


Afraid it left a few weeks ago, to a good home, with a serious BP shooter.


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