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Has anyone converted the New Model Vaquero/medium frame B'hawk from Bisley to SAA-style grips?  I'm contemplating something along those lines, just not sure how doable it is.  Will a standard Blackhawk gripframe fit?


 :) L Walker  ;)

Quite doable.  Been done.  You will however, need to also source an OEM Vaquero Hammer and Trigger.  The Hammer and Trigger take quite a bit of work to fit.

Play Safe Out There

Thanks!  Forgot about needing to swap the hammer/trigger, will have to look at parts cost/availability (or just get used to the Bisley). 

You can also modify the bisley hammer and the plow handle grip frame trigger slot to accommodate the bisley trigger.  If you do a web search there are posts on Ruger forums on the subject. 

Mustang Gregg:
If you go ahead with that mod, I will consider buying your gripframe, hammer and trigger, to help defray the cost for you.
Much obliged,
Mustang Gregg



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