New Forum Member with New Uberti El Patron .357


Peyote Pete:
Hopefully in the right section for new members, if not I'm sorry. Not a CAS shooter which is hopefully allowed but I am a well-seasoned shooter and handloader. I'm awaiting delivery of my new revolver/pistol and wish to learn about the gun and ammo you CAS folks use. This is my first replica gun and am looking forward to learning everything you folks can teach me !

Howdy Pete.  Shoot any SAAMI spec ammo.  For handloading, avoid hot loads, +P or "Ruger-only" loads.  Enjoy!  Oh, and since you're new here, you maybe didn't know, but Pictures, or it didn't happen!   :)

Welcome to the place! Yup, we love pictures here. Enjoy the place and the bunch of ornery rascals round here!

Peyote Pete:
Gun finally arrived after USPS "lost it" for a week. I'm very happy that it's a 4-click gun instead of the safetied-up model. VERY tightly fitted, but after a good cleaning and oiling she's feeling much better ! I'll try a couple of pics now...

A very handsome revolver, well worth the wait.



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