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45 Schofield in 45 Colt

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Baltimore Ed:
Just a heads up I also ran into issues using a 160 gr swc Schofield loads in my 1873. [Recently got a good deal on a bunch so I’m experimenting with them.] There is just enough of a radius on the ‘nose’ of the bullet that they can turn slightly and jam the rear of the lifter which locks up the rifle. I had some older 160 gr rnfp loads which ran just fine so I naturally tried these swc loads, some fed fine but others didn’t. Once I straightened the crooked case on the carrier with my penknife it fed fine. Rnfp loads naturally keep themselves straight. I used all Schofield loads in last month’s match and am planning to do the same this month. While I liked my ‘73 centennial build and Schofield revolver a lot I didn’t like the open top so I’ll use my uberti birdshead instead. I’ll use 200 gr rnfp in the rifle and the 160 swc in my revolvers.


--- Quote from: Coffinmaker on November 03, 2020, 09:21:18 AM --- :)  PLUS ONE too Abilene   :D

Sorry I'm late to the party.  Hi Treebeard!!  YES !!  There is a problem running 45 Schofield in the Original Ruger Vaquero.  As mentioned by Abilene, the larger rim of the Schofield cases would not clear the hub of the star.  Normally I would file small "flats" in the hub at the apex of the chamber.

And while you have it apart, do check the cylinder throats.  Ruger are notorious for undersize cylinder throats.  Not uncommon to find .448 throats when they should be .452 or .453 depending on barrel grooves.

Hide and Watch

PS:  As also mentioned by Abilene, 45 Schofield will run in Toggle Link Rifles as long as the bullets chosen are no shorter than a 200Gr RNFP.

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I saw where Starline had Schofield cases even in this time of shortage and thought this was a way to load up some extra rounds but found a bunch of 45 Colt  in the back of my shed and so I will wait the shortage out on new 45 Colt. I am very fond of my OMV's so will stick with what i have. Of course the Schofields would be good in my 1873 SAA so I will keep that option in mind. Thanks for all the feed back

Ed, that jam with the last round loaded being crooked on the carrier - Some Uberti '73's (mostly going back a few years) were made without the radius or bevel added to the sharp corner of the frame where the crooked rim is catching.  If you file a bevel there it can help.  Of course, straightening the round on the carrier before levering it the first time also works.  Pioneer gunworks had a tip on their website telling how to do it, but I also have a couple pics that show it better if needed.

The reason I started loading Schofields was for my 16" '45 Colt '73.  It will hold ten full length Colts but it is hard to load and that last round was cocked bad on the carrier from spring pressure.  Using the Schofields makes it easier

Blackpowder Burn:
I've come to really like the 45 Schofield for black powder loads.  It's powder capacity is just enough reduced to make it very pleasant to shoot even in a 4-3/4" SAA.  It also runs through my Marlin 1894.  I just ordered some more from Starline today, as a matter of fact.

Never want to run out of brass or primers in times like these.......or lead, or powder............ :-\

Dave T:
I don't know the details of shooting Old Model Vaqueros but the Indian Wars Army carried and fired the Ordnance Department's version of the 45 Schofield from about 1875 up till 1892 and the adaption of the wimpy 38. Except for the rim business discussed above there's no reason it wouldn't work as well today.

Having said all that, I think I'll go load some full power, black powder 45 Colts. (smiley face goes here)




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