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45 Schofield in 45 Colt

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Any drawbacks to using 45 Schofield in 45 Colt in Old Model Vaquero?? Noticed a shortage of 45 Colt brass recently. Can't imagine what caused the shortage!!

Cap'n Redneck:
No drawback that I can think of. 
I've been shooting .45 Schofield in revolvers and rifles chambered for .45 Colt for years. 
If you shoot smokeless and decide to switch back to .45 Colt after shooting Schofield for a while, you might wanna run a bronze brush through the chamber(s) first to remove carbon fouling.
If shooting blackpowder I guess you clean your guns on a regular basis anyways...

Professor Marvel:
My Good Tree

what CapnR said.

I do it all the time, what I have done is use different case sizes to clearly identify different loads
.45 Schofield is for smokeless
.45 Colt is for BP & subs
.45 Cowboy is for ... wait, I forget...

prof mumbles

Howdy Treebeard, I have heard of some OMV's having an issue where the larger rim of the Schofield hits the cylinder ratchet.  Might depend on brass brand and/or manufacturing variances in the cylinder.  Anyways filing or sanding down the ratchet a hair was the fix.

If you have a toggle-link .45, the Schofields will run through that as well if the OAL isn't too short.


 :)  PLUS ONE too Abilene   :D

Sorry I'm late to the party.  Hi Treebeard!!  YES !!  There is a problem running 45 Schofield in the Original Ruger Vaquero.  As mentioned by Abilene, the larger rim of the Schofield cases would not clear the hub of the star.  Normally I would file small "flats" in the hub at the apex of the chamber.

And while you have it apart, do check the cylinder throats.  Ruger are notorious for undersize cylinder throats.  Not uncommon to find .448 throats when they should be .452 or .453 depending on barrel grooves.

Hide and Watch

PS:  As also mentioned by Abilene, 45 Schofield will run in Toggle Link Rifles as long as the bullets chosen are no shorter than a 200Gr RNFP.



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