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Check this out

Major 2:
Hmmm .... did anyone else think the robber had more than a passing resemblance to Woody Harrelson.

It was different, not bad done either 

I thought that as well.  Their previous vignette had Nick Offerman narrating, so possible.   I liked that the 1860 Colt had caps on it, did not look to see what the cartridges would have gone for.   

Snake Oil:
Liked it...

The moment when he's pulling his tooth out is awesome. It reminds me of my dentist—just kidding. I think he's the most gentle doctor I ever met. I had to get 6 implants for my upper jaw, but I couldn't make up my mind to take this step. Fortunately, Doctor J. helped me to overcome this terrible dental phobia and initiated a complex treatment plan for my situation. To be honest, I was expecting some cosmic prices, but their clinic provides one of the most affordable multi-specialty dental care in town. Anyways, if you ever need a good dentist, I can give you his contacts.



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