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Hi, I have some experience in the past with rifles and handguns but have never owned one. I just got an Uberti Yellowboy in 45 colt. I haven't been able to find much info online about ammo maximum grains and fps. I know that I can't shoot 45 acp and auto in it because of diameter difference. My questions are as long as the box of ammo says 45 colt or 45 long colt should I be able to shoot it in the Yellowboy? My second question is, is it ok to shoot say a 75 grain 1800 fps in it compared to slower fps cowboy action loads? Uberti doesn't give any info on this even in there manual. I won't be doing any reloading of my own at present just store bought ammo. Thanks

Howdy Nighthawk,
Your '66 is safe to shoot with any SAAMI spec ammo.  The action will outlast you with that ammo.  Avoid hot hunting loads.  Most any standard commercial ammo you buy will be okay.  That high velocity load you mentioned I would suggest might be too high in pressure, but I'm not sure.  There are also length limitations, ammo too short or long will jam the action.  That isn't much of a problem in this caliber.  Nothing in 45 Colt will be too short, so no problem there.  Maximum length is 1.6".  Standard "Cowboy" ammo with a 200gr or 250gr bullet will usually be around 1.59".   Enjoy the rifle!  You might get the itch later for a matching six shooter in .45  :)

thanks abilene, The fps was my concern also. Clears up some questions.

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Coal Creek Griff:
Let me welcome you to gun ownership! You picked a very fun gun to own and shoot.

As you said, you want to buy ammo called ".45 Colt" or sometimes ".45 Long Colt". There are other cartridges that have .45 in the name, but they are completely different, such as .45 ACP (ACP stands for "Automatic Colt Pistol" so watch out).

With that, just choose any standard ammunition at your local gun shop and you'll have a blast -- many blasts, actually.  Enjoy!

CC t

Bunk Stagnerg:
and save your brass pardner because you will sooner or later start reloading



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