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How many of you feel that your career was or is rewarding? After spending some years cowboying, I got into Law Enforcement.
Although our judicial system sometimes left me a little discouraged, all in all I feel I had a very rewarding career.
I retired after 28 years and think I helped a lot of the people I took an oath to protect.
Would I do it again?? Let's me think on that.... DARN RIGHT!!!
I was jest wonderin how y'all felt about it, since I was asked the other day by a civilian if I would do it again. I told him "you bet"!

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat ;D
Not for the money (What money)
Not for the glory (all I got was gory)
But for the best feeling inside  I got when I knew I'd helped or even saved someone.  And for the tears shed for those not so fortunate because no one else cared-rewarding oh YEAH-in ways people now a days just don't even begin to understand!


FloraBama Kid:
I've watched this Topic for several days and personally I find this question very difficult to answer.

Certainly there were situations that were rewarding but they were over-shadowed by all of the "other stuff" that was anything but rewarding. Guess working in a big city is quite different than the burbs or rural areas.

Brazos Bucky Smith:
The answer in one word "yep"! 8)

Having worked half my career in Law Enforcement and more than equal amount in Human Resources, I can say I wish I'd spent the whole time in Law Enforcement!

Oh don't get me wrong, there were times I really felt significant and rewarded for what I did in the personnel field, but there were a whole lot more times I felt the weight of bureaucracy of state government.  Yeah, I made a lot more money as a Director of Human Resources at a University than as even a lieutenant in Law Enforcement!

But, the most satisfaction I got out of my working life was being part of that"Thin Blue Line" in direct contact with the public.  I mean saving a life which I did a couple of times, or just being there to help an injured child who is severly injured by a breaking shower door, or taking down some scumbag for burglary.  I really felt on top of the world going home at end of shift in those instances.  There is no better feeling than that.

And Yes, there were those times where I just felt beat, and just plain tired from and shift full of family disputes, Barking neighbors, traffic accidents, etc. etc.  But would I do it again, Yep!  Do I wish I could do it all over again, and this time staying with the badge, ABSOLUTELY!!!


Texas Lawdog:
Law Enforcement is a job that you will never get wealthy from.  Helping people and trying to make a difference in the community in which you serve. Being able to wear many "hats" and be able to communicate with people on all levels. I have been a Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff for 34 yrs.  The good memories have far outweighed the bad ones.  I hope to work another 5-6 years before I retire.  I hope that I have made a difference in peoples' lives.  That is reward enough for me.



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