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Professor Marvel:
My Good Coffin -

did you at least save the broken mainspring, I hope?

prf mvl


Perfesser .....  :D

Nah   :P  I was so fed up wid id, once I sourced a replacement spring I just heaved the pieces inna trash.  Should I ever need another, I just skulk around seeking someone with another period Husqvarna and ask to take a LOOK at it   ::)

Coffinmaker - Several times over the years, I have had the same issue finding a replacement mainspring. I sent the broken spring to Dixie and they were able to match it up with one of their generic mainsprings that could be fit to the lock in question.



 :) Hey Hey Hey Geezer  :D

As it turned out, a Hammer Double friend of mine lucked into another Husky, with floating Back Locks.  It was a junker mostly.  However the locks were same same and I was able to snag a complete Lock and Main Spring.

Then I gave up on the "older" guns with no parts availability.  My two Main Hammer doubles are a Pedersoli and a new Pietta.  Superb guns you betcha   8)

Play safe out there 

 It's a CZ hammer coach gun for me. ------- GeezerD



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