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A lever action 1887 shotgun as a Turkey gun

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Rowdy Fulcher:
I have finally taken a nice Tom with a long barreled 87 . I used black powder ( old E ) and a healthy dose of # 5 shot . This season I have called 2 birds in one was a nice jake and the other was a nice Tom . The Tom had a 11 inch beard and 1 1/8 spurs and weighted 25 pounds .

Scattered Thumbs:
Congratulations are in order. You did well.

Nice photos too.

You know everybody likes pictures? Dontcha?  ;D

Rowdy Fulcher:
Everyone loves pictures.

Gabriel Law:
The '87 is a great shotgun!  Nice work with an iconic firearm.  I love mine - perfect for black powder CAS.  Mine has a 32" full choke 12 gauge barrel.
Nice bird too!

Rowdy Fulcher:
Gabe thanks for the kind words .I was real Happy with this bird I was able to call him in at the end of season . And we are having Turkey for Supper . I love to eat Turkey as much as I love to Hunt them .



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