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Howdy there.  It's been quite a piece since y'all have heard from me.  Last time was when all these wires were just in one telegram.  hehe.  Anywho, I am a cleanin' my C&B pistoles and gittin' ready ta store 'em fer awhile.  should I just give 'em an extra spray of WD, put 'em in a bag, and figure that's good?

Thanks in advance.
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Cuts Crooked:
Howdy Pard,

A lot depends on the enviroment that ya store them shooters in. I store my gunz in a gun safe with a "golden Rod" dehumidifier, but there ain't room in there fer alla my irons so sum of them are racked in the gun room. However my basement is a controled's heated & it's not damp or anything like that. I take no special precautions when I put them away fer a spell. I do however check my guns every few weeks just to be on the safe side. Have found some surface rusting on a smokepole once, that I didn't clean good enuff, but no other problems ever cropped up during long term storeage.

So I'd say that the extra squirt of lube, along with an occassional check to make sure, should get ya by fine. But if yer storing them in a damper place I'd make a routine of checking them regularly and oiling them again when checked.

Will Ketchum:
If you are talking about long term storage where you won't be able to check on them.  I suggest RIG grease.  That's what it was designed for.  I would probably grease them real good, inside and out and then put them in a cloth case like the silicone ones they sell or maybe an old sock.  WD will evaporate over time and not provide much protection.

Will Ketchum


Well, gents, I thank you.  I am going to be moving to SW Washington state, so it will be a bit moist.  I went ahead after cleaning yesterday and shot 'em with a little extra WD, then stuffed each one in a large plastic baggie, and returned them to their leather and case.  I imagine I will be able to check 'em from time to time, but Will, where can a feller get that RIG stuff?  I don't really have the means to get as controlled an environment as Cuts Crooked does. . . :-\

Will Ketchum:
You can order it from Midway or Brownells but most any sporting good store that sells gun cleaning gear should have it.  I'm a bit concerned about the ziplock.  It might provide  place for condensation.  That is why I suggest the silicone rug or a plainold sock.  The plastic bags that guns are shgipped in are treated to prevent rust.

Will Ketchum


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