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Favorite TV police show

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Major 2:
I was in to Longmire.... had issue finding it as it was bounced around A&E a good bit ...now its on Netflix I understand.

Barney Miller , NYPD Blue  & Hill Sreeet Blue were my go to shows,  and the Miami Vice's Pilot & first season as I said I was partial to.
Vice went several more seasons, but I was doing feature films by then.

There was another one I worked on Pilot & 1st. & only season  " Caribe " filmed in Miami 1975 stared Stacy Keach,  lasted only one season.

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Mean Bob Mean:
Barney Miller (loved it) and Brooklyn 99 for comedy, for drama?  Too many to name, you guys have hit all the great ones.  Recently finished Justified, it was decent, loved Dragnet and Adam 12 as a kid, Streets of San Fran too.  

Someone already mention The Badge?

Don Nix:
Longmire is back on Netflix. its a short season though. Well worth watching.

ADAM-12  (that and Emergency were watched by me prime time... Born in 1970)



As a kid I loved firemen, and at 4 years old I didn't know what Johnny and Roy were doing to people when not on fire calls, but I knew I was gonna do that when I grew up... And by dag gum I did!!!

ADAM-12 got me into policing for 8 years, and my partner was of the character of integrity like Reed and Malloy and he was my mentor.



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