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If this has already been addressed I duly apologize. Looked at an 87 repro in a shop last week. The hammer spur looks tiny. Was there some reason or mechanical need for this?  Anyone know Browning's thoughts when designing?  Just curious.

If you lever the gun you will notice the hammer goes down inside the receiver.  Not enough room in there for a larger hammer.

Thanks p'fogger. Didnt get to play with it enough to notice that.

I love my 1887's.  I'm about as fast with them as I am with my SxS, but I'm not THAT fast with either.

I have an IAC worked over by Surly Dave, a Lassiter Chiappa, and have an Honest to God Winchester coming soon.

Marshal Hangtree:
So, what are the other 86 questions?  ;D



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