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That is pretty darn cool. I might have to try it on the "Widowmaker" (so called, because it's caused me so much stress, if I was married my wife would be a widow by now) Iver Johnson/Uberti Cattleman.

Palidin: Boy, our avatars are a little close for comfort, aren't they? If you want me to, I'd be glad to change mine. Yours looks better anyways.

Dakota Widowmaker:
Well, I did the second Uberti Millenium.

Turned out better than the first one!!! (I did a better job of bluing and I used a hotter temp for the browing)

Man, it looks so good after cleanup with the Flitz, I could swear it was color case hardened (if I didn't know better).

Both actions are smooth now. (both need another 500rds through them and they should be good to go for this next season)

Anyone who thinks this is hard has nothing to be affraid of. Just take your time and go slowly.

A good bit of bluing with Permablue PASTE is what made the difference.

don't forget to get the temp up before browning. (350 on my stove worked just fine)
[do the browning twice and after the second time, let er sit for 10min so it has time to react]

Pics to follow...

Dakota Widowmaker:
OK, here is some eye candy.

[edited: sorry, lost those pics and no longer have those guns... life goes on]

Yankee John:
Looking great Dakota!  They look like they are 100 years old. 


LazyK Pejay:
Good job on both pistols. I am not sure I like the brass on the UBerti though, but the grips look great. Thx.

LazyK Pejay



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