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Mean Bob Mean:
I saw a nicely antiqued Cimarron 1878 shotgun Saturday.  Shooter said he did it with a fast light vinegar wipe. 

Lord Eoin MacKenzie:
This might be "Off Topic"    I have an older west German made SAA clone with Aluminum Gripframe, trigger guard and ejector houing...Also the previous owner sprayed the entire gun with a flat black paint that lasted until I got home.  I know the gunfight grips have to go, for both groups.
What can I used to strip off the paint without affecting the aluminum pieces?

I did my USFA Rodeo start to finish while watching Monte Walsh last night.  Only a few pauses throw in for refreshements and pee breaks  :o.

Little more white than I originally wanted on the barrel sides.  Spent most of the time on the frame with the gun stripped down.    Only things used were a new B-C Lead & Polishing Cloth (the majority of the effort btw), a tiny bit of JB Bore paste and a few swipes of white wine vinegar, undiluted, which was used very sparingly on a paper towel as a wipe.   The visual effect now is a well worn carbonia blue I think.  More so than a  gun in the white to my eye.  Surprised actually at just how nice it did come out.

either way a lot more authentic than this imo...
and a might purtier


--- Quote from: ColonelFlashman on March 07, 2013, 11:39:07 AM ---It would Still have the Majority of its Finish & Not look 200 years old.  :o

--- End quote ---

Ya, imo, there is a lot of speculation in this thread on gun finish.

I own a gun 1911 Colt Bisley that I know its entire history from a new purchase @ Blish-Mize-Silliman hardware in Atchison KS to date.  It has been passed through 4 generations of my family.  Of those 103 years I know exactly where it has been for 70.  It was pampered for that 70.   The majority of the holster wear came between 1913 and 1922 doing Colorado ranch work when a side arm might be required.  But no question, this one was an expensive piece of property that was taken exceptionally good care of.  This was a gentleman's target gun and point of pride.   The purchase was never intended to be a cowboy's everyday range tool.  A couple of hard years, 1942-3 saw the same gun in the holster again on a cow pony.  The owner already 50+.  Game, but city soft and getting a little long in the tooth to be a cowboy again.  You can compare the results of what 11 years of actual documented holster wear and the elements do to a gun in the photo.  I still have the original holster as well.  I suspect finish damage was at best an equal combination of holster wear and harsh cleaning techniques.  BP cleaning even harder yet on the finish.   


Great idea Marshal. The cheapest and ugliest holster will be transformed into very special tool.
But please donĀ“t try this job with the cylinder in only one  position, unless you want a very funny wearing pattern.



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