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Need 10 gauge BP load information

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Paper Chaser:
Howdy ya'll.  Any of you have a 'recipe' for 10 gauge black powder shotgun shell loads.  Any tricks, ideas, expertise, advice, caveats, etc. are most welcome.
Are these commercially available? (probably cost too much, huh?)

Shiloh Sharpie:
My advise is, see a dentist to be sure all your fillings are tight because you will be jarring them with that 10ga.   ;D

Tommy tornado:
Get a roll crimper, power drill or drill press, and shotshell vise.   I use fiber wads and shot cards from circle fly.  I use about 100 grs. of 1 fg to 2 fg, but for the moment I can't remember my oz. size of shot.  I do use #7 shot.


Paper Chaser:
Thanks, Shiloh and Tommy.  Now my real dilemma is whether to go ahead with the 10 gauge or 'spring' for an old mule-ear Stevens in 12 gauge.
Thanks, Pards, think I'll sleep on it.

Cuts Crooked:
Howdy Paper Chaser,

While yer sleepin' on it, I'm gonna give you my opinion:

Go with the Twelve Bore!!!

Unless yer a good sized pard, that 10 bore will give kick the bejeezus outta you! And componants fer the twelves are both cheaper and easier to find!

Admittedly the 10s are WAY COOL, but in the real world I think you'll be happier with the 12.


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