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Primer question


Johnny McCrae:
At our last match I had one shotgun round that did not go off. I took the round apart and it did have powder in it. In looking at the bad round (black markings on it) the primer appears to be a copper color rather than a brass color. All I've ever used from day one is Winchester 209 primers. In looking through my primers and spent hulls, all of the primers appear to be a brass color. Could anyone shed some light on this? The temperature was in the mid 40's.

Any chance that when it got reloaded the primer didn't get changed?

Johnny McCrae:
Howdy Rick,

Thanks for your input. That's entirely possible. After thinking about this I may have also picked up someone else's reload. Does anyone other than Winchester make a primer in this "copper" color?

litl rooster:
I ran across some old 109 primers several years ago. They were copper or copper coated. They all worked. I think rickk may have had a valid view on it.  I am sure I have missed a pistol round or 2 reloading

Johnny McCrae:
Howdy Lil Rooster,

You Gents both make a good point. When I pull a finished round out of the press, I put it on the bench with the primer down. When I get 25 done, I box them up. Next time I reload I'll put them down primer up so I can inspect the primers. Thanks for your comments.



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